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Advance IT / ICS Cybersecurity with Nozomi Networks and Fortinet

Date: September 26, 2017 By: Chet Namboodri
In the future, an organization’s cybersecurity strategy will largely be defined by how well both OT and IT networks can integrate to bring improved vigilance, visibility and protection. In today’s connected world this is more important than ever.

Recently, Nozomi Networks had the privilege of speaking at the 2017 Fortinet 361 event in Vienna, Austria, where IT / OT cyber resilience was a hot topic. I was pleased to discover that many attendees were interested in Fortinet’s commitment to OT (Operations Technology) and ICS (Industrial Control Systems) cybersecurity. They were also eager to learn how Nozomi Networks is helping Fortinet extend their security offering into the industrial realm with our technology.

If you’re interested in improving IT / ICS cybersecurity, read on to find out more about the synergetic partnership between Fortinet and Nozomi Networks, and how our products provide the critical ICS cybersecurity thread for Fortinet Security Fabric.

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The Big Picture: Secure Critical Infrastructure with Cooperation & Automation

Date: August 24, 2017 By: Chet Namboodri
When dealing with the difficulties of securing critical infrastructure, it’s sometimes good to take a step back from day-to-day challenges and take a macro view; look at the big picture.

Fortinet’s CISO Phil Quade did just that recently. He indicates that while the news media focuses attention on high profile malware and ransomware attacks, like WannaCry, the bigger threat to critical infrastructure comes from “low and slow” attacks that are hard to detect. And, since a lot of critical infrastructure is owned and operated by the private sector, securing it takes real cooperation between industry and government.

Phil also states that we are on the verge of a security revolution that includes using automation strategies to find and respond to incremental cyber intrusions. Automation is what underpins the Fortinet / Nozomi Networks partnership. Read on to learn more about Phil’s perspective and how our combined solution secures critical infrastructure.

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